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Are you a media representative or news reporter looking for an intriguing story or interview? Motivational keynote speaker and engagement expert Jon Petz can help and not only sought after for his “take no prisoners” approach to effective meetings. He is an experienced and entertaining engagement expert, motivational keynote speaker, corporate magician, conference and event emcee and author. As such, Jon delivers unmatchable energy along with a unique ability to creatively combine a business or inspirational message with an entertaining twist.

Some world leading media organizations that have featured Jon include; The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, CNBC, Success Magazine, Readers Digest and even Costco Magazine.

Jon Petz

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Jon Petz is available for media, industry magazines or educational publications to contribute his insights or thought/sound bites and featured content. Jon is a frequent guest on shows, podcasts and blogs and has contributed to numerous business and trade publications. Content provided can be customized for your specific industry or target outcomes.

  • “How to Make Sure Your Meetings ‘Bore No More’!”
  • “Boring Meetings Suck: How to ‘Bore No More’”
  • “The Keys to Running Effective Meetings”
  • “The Signs Your Meetings Suck”
  • “Meeting Techniques to Ensure Your Meetings Don’t Suck”

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