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Motivational speaker, author and peak performance speaker, Jon Petz, empowers leaders at all levels of an organization, all team members or conference participants uncover the mystery of how to Master Their Performance. He is a business motivational speaker that brings the perfect mix of education and incredible stories mixed with inspiration and hysterically funny entertainment to deliver an engaging, memorable and impactful motivational keynote experience.

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Business Motivational speaker programs

Uncover the mystery of peak performance and help your participants Master Their Performance.

Empower Your Leadership
Rekindle the purpose, passion and pride in your team
Build loyal and mutually valuable customer relationships

As a funny motivational speaker, author and business magician, Jon connects with the audience personally as he shares funny and motivational stories mixed with engaging content to help us all rekindle our purpose and passion in who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Read the reviews of Jon as a motivational speaker for association conferences and corporate events. He connects with the participants before, during and after the motivational keynote experiences creating moments of significance throughout the conference. He is truly an engagement expert.

The result? An entertaining and funny motivational speaker that is uniquely and unequivocally . . . the Jon Petz Experience.

Business Motivational speaker programs

DieboldWe could not have asked for a better motivational speaker for sales events. Jon brought an amazing level of energy and creativity to kick off our North and South American sales years. He engaged the entire room from the moment he took the stage and left everyone with WOW.– Diebold International

DieboldJon was the best motivational speaker for customer service we’ve had in 20 years. Thank you for being so awesome to work with prior to, and at the event.– Amway, customer service director

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Signature Motivational / Inspirational Keynote Presentations

It’s SHOWTIME Jon Petz


Organizations today consistently desire an engaged workforce that has purpose and passion. “It’s SHOWTIME” will empower your attendees to walk out the door ready to perform.

We’ll never know when it might be our time in the spotlight and asked, or expected, to achieve great things. And at that moment . . . It’s SHOWTIME!

This motivational and inspirational program is high energy, interactive with the audience and very entertaining. We will experience all the emotions as the keynote progresses. It’s a perfect fit for opening or closing motivational keynote speakers, or an after lunch keynote to kick-start the second half of the day.

“Make the Mundane . . . Magnificent”

In our customer review and experience driven world, simply meeting an expectation is like doing nothing at all. This program will create desire for personal accountability to make our mundane or everyday actions memorable and magnificent so people tell our story.

(Presentation is an excellent fit for Customer Experience keynotes, Team building programs, Customer Service programs and Front-line Professional development)

Make the Mundane . . . Magnificent
Passion, Pride and Innovation

“Passion, Pride and Innovation”

Having passion and pride in what you do starts with yourself. Passion in your daily activities originates with doing your best work while having the most fun. For exponential results, it’s about going the extra mile, even when no one is watching. Are you willing to make a commitment to constantly improve who you are and what you do? What can be the results if you do? As the keynote speaker, Jon delivers just this. The attendees walk away with a new feeling of passion for what means the most to them and how they can apply that to both their personal and professional lives.

This inspirational and motivational keynote speech is perfect for a closing, or mid conference keynote presentation. It will be adapted for your association, Service, Sales, front line or Leadership event.

“Boring Meetings Suck!”

Based on Jon’s best-selling book. Read the program description on this page, or visit the book website here

Boring Meetings Suck!

What People Are Saying…

Deloitte & ToucheJon Petz is an outstanding motivational speaker and entertainer, one who truly engages the audience. – Vice Chairman, Deloitte & Touche

GoodyearJon was amazing. Our sales group was really impressed with how he incorporated our business model and goals into his presentation. – Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

PNC BankMy only problem is that I am not sure how I can improve on this or even compete with your energy and ability at next year’s rally! You are one of the best motivational speakers for sales events!. – Regional Director, PNC Bank

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