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Opening Keynote Speaker

Jon Petz, CSP, is a Keynote Speaker, author and performance expert who helps leaders and team members at all levels in an organization understand how and why to Master Their Performance. The result? A more productive, engaged and purpose driven team or organization.

Jon has presented over 1200 keynote speaker presentations for global and local brands and for associations at local, state, national and international levels. As an keynote speaker, he is like an ignition switch for audiences! He’s a high energy, inspiring keynote speaker that fuels the enthusiasm of the conference or event. He’s an entertaining keynote speaker that engages your audience to listen and learn. A conference keynote speaker that infuses his messages with the kind of humor that makes your attendees laugh out loud – and inspires them to want to do more, be more, and achieve more than they’ve even thought possible.

The Experience is a content-rich, inspirational and entertaining keynote that is uniquely and unequivocally – Jon Petz.

As a conference keynote speaker, Jon Petz will:

– Develop your leaders at all levels
– Create an engaged and purposeful sales and service organization
– Kick off your conference with a keynote speaker that will fuel the engagement, passion and pride in your participants from the  moment the doors open.

Jon is a master story teller, hysterically funny and brings real-world perspective from his years spent in the corporate world as a sales and marketing executive in the technology and insurance industries. . . As well as driving forklifts and stocking in a warehouse . . . flipping burgers . . . and starting three of his own businesses.

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Keynote Speaker Presentation: “It’s SHOWTIME!”

The most hysterical, inspiring and jaw-dropping meeting you will ever have!
This original and most popular program appeals to all types of events as it’s designed for executive leaders, to business owners as well as the “It’s my first day” participants.

It’s not enough to ‘just’ show up, be ‘just’ an employee, or to stick with the status quo. In today’s world, merely meeting an expectation can be like doing nothing at all. Organizations need every team member and leader to show up strong and perform every day. And don’t we all want to be appreciated, respected and recognized for how we surprise and delight our customers, our team or our boss? Of course, we do! However, we struggle with mindsets, the unknown and the fact that we’re so busy JUST trying to make it through the day. To solve this, Jon will prove peak performance is simpler than you think. That you can perform at your best when the spotlight may suddenly shine and create a true SHOWTIME moment to be remembered. By combining the power of NOW, with the power of WOW you will leave this keynote experience and never be “JUST” anything ever again.

– Power of NOW
Power of WOW
Realize your impact in an organization, family or community

At any given time – it might be YOUR time to fully engage, achieve greatness – and rise above the rest. You might not be expecting the spotlight, but when it hits – we must perform at our best. That’s SHOWTIME! Jon will share how your team or attendees can be ready, willing, and excited to take the spotlight and make a difference in their role, this conference and in life.

If you are looking for the engagement and WOW to open your conference or event – this is it! This high energy and entertaining keynote is perfect for the opening keynote presentation, all associate meetings and personal development.


Jon’s Raving Clients

“Create Significant Sales | Service Success” Keynote

Meeting expectations in today’s world? Not enough! Just getting by? Not an option! Flying under the radar? No way! In this engaging and funny session Jon takes the audience through the powerful process of taking OWNERSHIP for their own actions to increase sales and retention while seizing every day, every experience, and every opportunity in the process. He shares the value in turning mundane moments into SIGNIFICANT, memorable – even MAGNIFICENT chances to impact your customers and even the little corners of our world in positive, empowering ways.

Jon leads audiences to transform their moments from boring to BOOM. From mediocre to MAGNIFICENT. From OK to OUT OF THIS WORLD. What can that do for YOUR organization? Skyrocket productivity. Send morale soaring. Fuel long-term team connectivity. All of which helps them create a culture where creativity is applauded, service is exponential – and customers can’t wait to share your accolades.
Sound like the direction YOUR team wants to take? Contact Jon today.
Keynote presentation is structured for a sales or customer experience focus, or a combination of both.

What People Are Saying About Jon

“Jon Petz is an outstanding corporate entertainer and motivational speaker, one who truly engages the audience.”

— Vice Chairman, Deloitte & Touche

“Jon brings an amazing level of energy and creativity to his presentation. He is able to engage the entire room with his blend of interactive magic and motivational speaking from the moment he takes the stage. We could not have asked for a better keynote speaker for our South American sales kickoff!”

“Jon was amazing. Our sales group was really impressed with how he incorporated our business model and goals into his presentation.”




Keynote “Deliver Significance – In Simple Moments”

Ever wanted to stand-out in your career? Build a personal brand that leads and inspires others? Or asked yourself about leaving a legacy?

Organizations today want teams who are engaged, passionate, and purposeful in their work. They’re hungry for the how-to’s that can help everyone from the person answering the phone to the one in the corner office, understand their significance and treat every day for the main event that it is rather than the dress rehearsal it is not.

Based on Jon’s third book, he will inspire mindsets and strategies to help your team identify, appreciate and deliver simple moments.

– Define their own significance and it what it means to them
– Identify opportunities to engage in unique ways
– Deliver moments of magic that make a difference

Learn to appreciate the simple moments to balance our lives for maximum impact, happiness and efficiency

This inspirational and motivational keynote speech is perfect for a closing, or mid conference keynote presentation. It will be adapted for your association, Service, Sales, front line or Leadership event.

More of Jon’s Bigger Fans

Keynote or Breakout: “Boring Meetings Suck!”

Right? It’s a different world we live in today. Rhetoric and routine won’t fuel your organization to outperform the competition. It won’t inspire your sales staff to set new records. Or help your leadership team create innovative solutions for guiding your company to exponential growth. What will? Jon’s take-no-prisoners approach to crafting communication meetings that blow the doors off the old way of doing things.   Based on Jon’s best-selling book of the same name which has taken the business world by storm and been featured on CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, ABC and CBS News, USA Today and many more – it’s changing the way companies do business – and they are loving the results.

You will too. In this powerhouse session your attendees will learn how to…

Don’t settle for boring. Or basic. Or the dreaded “same way it’s always been done” ever again. Instead help your team fire on all cylinders, jet-propel your productivity and save all the time, effort and energy you’d lose in dull discussions to set lofty, achievable new goals, take on tough competitors and nurture greatness within every member of your team. Your company is worth it – and so are they. Get in touch today to learn more. For more information on the book, visit:

Corporate Clients of Jon’s


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