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Jon Petz is a motivational speaker, keynote speaker and professional event emcee for corporate and association events.


He works with organizations, conferences and conventions that wish to empower high performance along with personal and professional engagement. He combines unique stories and learning elements from his business, entrepreneurship and performing expertise and presents it in an energetic, inspiring and humorous manner that is uniquely and unequivocally Jon Petz.

Client Results:

Education Summit Motivational Speaker: Deloitte

 Event Overview:

This is our 3 day education summit for our extended enterprise team along with forensics and cyber security teams. We are sharing new vision and strategies to help analyze risk and opportunities for our clients. It’s a diverse team from ages 22-65 with the bulk of them being under 30 years of age.

What were the goals for the closing keynote:

We want to create awareness on how we can further develop our client relationships. We understand that meeting an expectation is no longer enough and we like Jon’s work on creating disruptors in your marketplace and how to capitalize on them. We all need to execute on our core business and delight our partners in the process. We need to move past doubt when faced with new innovations and ideas. We are looking for a closing keynote speaker who can reinforce these objectives and maintain the energy and engagement to be the closing speaker of a long three days.

Closing Keynote results:

“Jon – thanks for your note. I have been reflecting on your presentation over the past few days.

You clearly exceeded our expectations in so many aways – and it was the perfect way to end the Summit. I will certainly recommend you to other Deloitte groups when I have the opportunity.

I recall looking out into the audience and everyone was locked on you – nobody was checking their mobile devices, I mean nobody – you had their full attention, which is difficult to do at a firm like ours.

I think what resonated the most with our audience was the work-life balance discussion, and taking care of loved ones. For me in particular it was the slide on “Doubt” – and the exercise of reading the Alphabet backwards (I was in the 6 hour camp). I think our teams can accomplish so much more, but they lack the confidence to push forward. I also heard several folks mention the Captain Denny story – about going above and beyond client expectations.

Well done Jon. I hope we can continue to stay in touch.”

Sales Meeting Motivational Speaker: CA Technologies

 Event Overview:

I needed a closing Keynote Speaker for my North America Enterprise Management meeting at CA Technologies. Attendees included Executive Sales Leaders, Sales Reps, Technical Engineers, Product Management and Marketing for all Enterprise Management solutions. There were more than 250+ people in attendance.

What Were the Goals for closing keynote?

This was an annual kick-off and training event, celebrating our prior Fiscal Year successes while focusing on advanced knowledge transfer to become an expert in the marketplace, competition, and technology that we sell. Our key themes were Self Awareness, Curiosity, and Professional Reputation and Jon’s time slot was positioned as the last 1/hr of a 3/day event. I wanted Jon to weave these themes into his message and send everyone out the door with energy, excitement, and on a high note.

Closing Keynote Event Results:

I was a little concerned that my team would be burned out after 3 10/hr days in a row of deep dive training. With a majority of my team having 15+ years in selling, the idea of bringing in a “Motivational Speaker”, when they are a dime a dozen, concerned me, too. We have all seen it, heard it, etc. Needless to say, I was amazed on Jon’s ability to grab everyone’s attention quickly, actually get them to interact, and most importantly laugh out loud! His ability to weave in my core themes into his message was exactly what I needed to close out a great week. I was amazed at how many people came up to me after the event at our closing dinner to comment on Jon’s message and their enjoyment of the presentation. I am happy to recommend Jon for other team events or conferences like mine. ~ Marc, Vice Pres Sales


Conference Event Emcee for National Dealer Conference: Dal-tile

Conference Emcee Event Overview:

Jon Petz was hired as our Event Emcee for our National Sales Meeting (3 days) for the world’s largest tile distributor and manufacturer. The audience was made up of sales and design team members from the US, Canada and Mexico.
What Were the Goals for the conference emcee?

This was a critical meeting as it was a family reunion of sorts as well as involved three brands who had merged and were sharing the sales meeting for the first time. Our ability to engage our audience and deliver an impactful program was essential.

Event Results:

Jon Petz did a phenomenal job as our MC for this special 3 day National Sales conference.
He did an extraordinary job engaging the team, presenters and special guest speakers. Jon became one of us quickly, gaining the confidence of the leadership team, understanding the culture and dynamics of our sales team & company – especially the uniqueness and sensitivity of the 1st “multi- brand” team conference. A great facilitator must build on the team energy and passion during the event, and Jon did this and MORE throughout the conference. Without a doubt, Jon’s commitment to excellence and event preparation, (studying the company and what separates us from the competition), made this event truly special for our company and team members. Jon Petz exceeded all our expectations ! ~ John, Senior VP Sales & Marketing, North America

Leadership Meeting Keynote Speaker: Greif, Inc.

Event Overview:

Closing Keynote Speaker for leadership council for Greif, Inc. (top 50 leaders from around the globe) to collaborate and lead us into the future. We needed a closing session to our main day.

What Were the Goals?

We wanted to create urgency and burning desire within ourselves and consistently across our global enterprise. Wanting to rekindle the passion and share this enthusiasm, never underestimating the power of one person. We needed a strong look at how we serve our customers and how we always keep our focus on them.

Event Results:

It was excellent value you brought to our meeting. It was an excellent message and one that rings true to our heart: Delivering differentiated value to our customers. Jon demonstrated some great ideas that we will utilize within the company and I believe there are other ways that you can help us in our continued goal of excellence. ~ Pete, Chief Operations Officer

Customer Service Keynote Speaker: Amway North/South America

Event Overview:

Keynote Speaker for customer service week for our North and South American customer service centers in 9 countries.

What Were the Goals?

We needed a keynote speaker / author who understands that Customer Service is critical to success along with how we truly engage with our customers and anticipate needs. We needed our team members to walk away with a strong sense of commitment to our mission, commitment to this team and commitment to our business owners – along with adding some humor and fun to make it memorable. The Speaker will need to interact with both the live audience and remote audiences in several countries.

Event Results:

I can’t recall ever bringing back a speaker two years in a row and also can’t recall our staff ever laughing, crying and chattering with such positivity as they did after your event. Jon was the best keynote speaker for customer service we’ve had in 20 years. Thank you for being so awesome to work with prior to, and at the event. ~ Customer Service Director, North & South America

Opening Keynote Speaker for National Convention: NAMFS

Event Overview:

We were looking for an opening keynote speaker for our national conference in New Orleans. Our audience is quite diverse as attendees include small business owners and management at national operations that support field services in the Mortgage industry along with associated services, vendors and suppliers.

What Were the Goals?

The opening keynote should set the tone of the overall event. We need to get everyone excited about the conference and talking from the beginning.

The NAMFS conference wants our audience to leave that room feeling energized and engaged along with a good business message that our attendees will find relative and impactful. We definitely are looking for some humor, but not overkill on the entertainment side.

Event Results for Opening Keynote:

The feedback received from our attendees was fantastic. They could not stop talking about Jon, his message and the delivery. Jon’s enthusiasm and message were exactly what we were hoping to find in our keynote speaker. I would highly recommend him for your event. ~ Eric, Executive Director

Sales team motivational speaker: Transcontinental Direct

Event Overview:

Annual National Sales Meeting

Goals of Sales Team motivational speaker:

The client company had just gone thru a merger and as part of the merger the sales teams were consolidated. The result was a group made up of a hodge podge of business approaches, business systems and geographic locations. The group lacked cohesiveness and many were fighting the change. Our annual meeting goal was to change that mind set. We purposely brought a fair amount of team building and small group activities into the meeting. Jon was brought in to help us “Seal the Deal” as our closing speaker.


Jon’s approach and remarks were perfect to re-inforce the need for cohesiveness. During the presentation I repeatedly saw those who had strong shields up at the beginning of the week, begin to drop them and become more comfortable in their surroundings. Jon’s audience involvement was a key to success. While all had fun, they also understood the powerful message of the need for teamwork. Folks stayed around afterward, talked and exchanged ideas. Jon helped us turn the corner with the group and turn them into an effective working team going forward.

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Some companies want to reinforce their own message to their employees; others want to bring a relevant message from the outside in. Jon is adept at both – he can absorb or integrate a company’s messages and jargon to the point that he sounds like an insider.

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Some companies want to reinforce their own message to their employees; others want to bring a relevant message from the outside in. Jon is adept at both – he can absorb or integrate a company’s messages and jargon to the point that he sounds like an insider.


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