Sometimes demanding clients and challenging projects can make us feel like we’re a one-man team. It can make us question why we’re working so hard to accomplish the impossible.

It can make us feel unappreciated, unwanted, and ready to throw in the towel. When everyone else in your team is doing great, it can make you think you’re doing something wrong.

While it may seem like your boss is out to get you by giving you tough clients, a little change in perception can help you become less bitter. It can make you realize a lot of important things that you hadn’t picked up on, so you can improve yourself, and love your job again.

Here’s how changing your attitude toward your work can be beneficial:

It Gives You Purpose

The next time you mess up a project or your boss gives you a tough client, don’t think, “Why me?”

Instead, think, “TRY me!”

As clichéd as it sounds, think about why your boss is giving you tough projects. It’s probably because they trust you with such clients. It’s not because they’re out to make your life miserable. They could have given the project to someone else. But they chose you of all the people.

It’s because they want you to tackle obstacles and come out successful. Remember the saying, “No pain, no gain”? That’s exactly what this is. When you put in the effort, it does pay off!

Tough clients and projects will give you a sense of purpose. You know that promotion you’ve been eyeing? Prove that you do have what it takes to make it to the top!

It Pushes You To Your Limit

Sometimes people believe they’re incapable of doing something. But how do you know you won’t be able to do it unless you try? Assumption is your greatest enemy—especially when you’re given a chance to prove yourself.

Don’t overpromise if you’re not sure you’ll succeed. But make sure to TRY. When you push yourself to your limits, you’ll realize that you were scared for no reason. You’ll also find out what you’re good at. You’ll learn new skills that will help you grow professionally and personally.

You Stop Making Excuses

You’ll stop thinking things like “I can’t do this” once you start accomplishing your goals. As clichéd as it sounds, a positive attitude can help you grow and develop.

It can help you look at things in a different way. A positive frame of mind can affect everyone around you—your managers, subordinates, colleagues etc.

You’ll realize that negativity is exhausting and it makes you give up before you even try.

Once you start seeing results, you’ll stop making excuses.

Want to incorporate positivity into your professional work and become successful? Motivational speaker and peak performance expert, Jon Petz, has your back!

As an internationally acclaimed performance and engagement expert, author and performer (Business Magician), Jon has delivered entertaining, engaging and empowering presentations for the biggest companies around the world.