Are you standing in the way of your goals? You may not realize it, but often, you yourself are the one acting as a blockade to uncovering all the potential you hold. It could be fear, doubt or even a common sense of complacency of “I’m good enough now.”

It is easy to get comfortable with where you are in life, and still wonder why you aren’t progressing. Take a long, hard look within yourself—are you limiting your own potential?

If you believe you’re holding yourself back from accomplishing your goals, here are three ways to help you overcome the barriers you may have inadvertently put up!

1.     Push Your Limits

“Try something new!” We’ve heard that right? Maybe we look at that as to big of obstacle at times.  What if . . . you started that in a simple way. It doesn’t have to be something major and we may tend to dismiss small changes as worth. Although it can start to tip the scale in your favor as you build to bigger things. You have to start somewhere and you’ll never know what your potential truly holds until you step past your comfort zone and learn to really push past your limits. If you keep operating within the confines of what you’re comfortable doing, you’re never going to make any progress!

2.     Learn to Take More Risks

We are neurologically wired to worry about the “What If’s”. Leaving your comfort zone behind means also opening yourself up to the possibility of taking more risks. Please understand I don’t mean taking any health risks or that might otherwise cause personal harm.  Hopefully that goes without saying.

However, don’t be afraid to start small and occasionally take a bigger step. The payoff could do wonders for your life! It might be a bit daunting, but taking risks will motivate you to put yourself out there, while also teaching you some valuable lessons along the way.  Could you fail?  Yes. Such is life.  Therefore . . .

3.     Change Your Attitude Toward Failure

Often, we are unable to realize our potential and accomplish our goals due to the fact that there is an immense fear of failure prevalent amongst most individuals. Changing the way you perceive failure is essential in helping you progress in your personal and professional life.

Failure is an inevitability, and a learning opportunity. Take it as it is—an obstacle to be overcome and a lesson to be learnt. In order to acquire success, it’s natural for one to fail somewhere along the way.

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