The motivation to do things—whether it’s to pursue a creative passion or perform well at work—comes from a sense of purpose.  That purpose drives your passion to what to do more than “just-enough-to-get-by.”

This purpose is not necessarily something big; in fact, it can be something as simple as engaging into you work because you have a family you love and support. (I certainly fall in that category)

However, whatever your purpose, you can sometimes find yourself adrift. It can feel as though you have no sense of why you do what you do, leading to a frame of mind that is confused, frustrated, detached, and overwhelmed.

Stop. Take a deep breath. And take a moment to smell the roses.

Sometimes, rediscovering your sense of purpose can be found in the many little things you tend to overlook!

Appreciate the Little Things

Practicing gratitude when you feel lost is a great way to help ground yourself. There are many moments in your life and many ideas that you hardly give attention to—perhaps it’s time to appreciate those little things that make up the beautiful journey that is life.

Who knows, you might just find something that’s worth working hard for! It could be something as simple as seeing your child smile.

Cultivate Mental and Emotional Well-Being

A healthy mind and a fulfilled heart is a good way to ensure that you start of right on your journey of rediscovering your sense of purpose. Whether it’s through prayer, meditation, or creative expression, figure out how you can help ensure your inner self can still find happiness and contentment even in the face of uncertainty.

Don’t Overthink It

Uncovering your purpose isn’t doesn’t always come with a theme song or a choir singing in the background. There is not necessarily a eureka moment, nor does your sense of purpose have to be something noble and altruistic. You may jump out of bed with a sense of renewed vigor one day and need a big push on others just to get yourself to work on time. Don’t overthink the process—trust your gut, and go with what feels right.

Finding and sustaining purpose, particularly in the workplace, can be a finicky affair. However, some motivation and guidance from the right source can do wonders for workplace performance!


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