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"You clearly exceeded our expectations. Everyone was locked on you – Nobody was checking their mobile device, I mean NOBODY – you had their full attention, which is difficult to do at a firm like ours."

~ Brent N, Senior Partner, Deloitte & Touché

"The first time I saw you do your motivational keynote at a P&G event, it was fantastic! And when we hired you as our motivational speaker for ConAgra, it was even better! Thank you Jon"

~ Robert M., President, ConAgra Frozen Foods

"Jon is one of the most engaging keynote speakers & emcee’s we have worked with over my many years of hosting corporate events. It was clear that Jon had invested significant time to understand his audience and our company, which made him so much more relevant. Our guests were thrilled with his style, substance, talent and humor - he delighted us all and we can't wait to invite Jon back."

~ Shailesh K., Vice Chairman, US Bank

"You have an amazing and unique ability to connect your talents to organizational objectives and deliver them in a way that one cannot help but retain long after the event. Your motivational keynote speech helped make our leadership event one to always remember."

~ Daniel Q., Superintendent of Professional Development, US Air Force

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Motivational Keynote Speaker Jon Petz, CSP is a performance and engagement expert, author and business magician (Yeah, that's a thing). He has delivered over 1,200 wildly successful motivational keynote programs for world leading brands, industry and association conventions, and organizations of all sizes over the past 15 years. As a business motivational speaker, Jon will help your participants achieve career significance by unveiling two key mindsets: (1) Peak performance is not a mystery saved for elite athletes and executives, and (2) True significance can only be gifted to you by those you serve, because of how you make them feel.
Do you want to build a legacy of excellence at all levels?

Jon Petz Will Show You How

The Result?

A more engaged, productive, motivated and purpose driven individual and organization that will send sales soaring, develop amazing customer and team relationships and fuel their lives with more purpose, passion and pride in what they do, how they do it and why the do it.

Why ‘just’ a keynote, when you can get the FULL experience?

Today’s audiences don’t want boring, stuffy or the same old thing. WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM THEIR MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS?


As a motivational keynote speaker on peak performance, Jon’s event guarantee is the perfect trifecta of education, inspiration and entertainment so your event participants will laugh louder, perform better and achieve more.

Jon Petz, CSP combines masterful storytelling along with relevant perspective and ideas that help solve the mystery behind methods of peak performance, and he demonstrates this in a live event Experience that is uniquely and unequivocally - The Jon Petz Experience.

Discover the results and what clients have to say about Jon as their corporate speaker, or association conference opening or closing motivational speaker. Discover the results.

“Jon is easy to work with, a true events business professional and authentic on and off stage. Our attendees loved meeting him and spending time with him before, during and after the event” - Event Planner, Nationwide Insurance Company..

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