5 Traits of Motivational Leaders

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that all types of business organizations need leaders at all levels. Not just any leader; but a motivational leader.

A motivational leader is an effective manager. They engage, empower and elevate their team towards company vision. In addition, employees view them as passionate mentors, rather than mere team supervisors.

Look to identify or embody these traits as you establish or reinforce yourself as a motivational leader:

Have a clear vision for the future

A great leader is one who has a dream or a vision for the future. They identify and establish clear-cut goals, and formulate strategies to achieve them. Similarly, an effective leader inspires their team – through words, action and beliefs –to work towards achieving this vision.

Express positivity

When the going gets tough, a great leader looks at the positive side of the issue. Be it success or failure, truly inspiring leaders express positivity to their team. The ultimate goal is to promote good working relationships via positivity.

Show gratitude to your team

A valuable business leader embraces gratitude. They acknowledge and appreciate their team’s efforts, no matter how big or small. In my most recent book “Significance In Simple Moments” we discover that many people refer to themselves as “Just” a something. Therefore, belittling the impact they feel they may have on a project, in an organization or team. As a leader, you are grateful for these simple moments that DO make an impact and may be highly significant to the people impacted by your  work.

If even these simple accomplishments go unnoticed, employee dissatisfaction increases.Even small gestures of gratitude count.A thank you email goes a long way in motivating your team and showing that you care.

Communicate frequently and communicate well

The secret behind successful leadership is in communication. A true business leader communicates openly and honestly with their team. They treat all employees with respect and dignity. In other words, they take the time out to listen to their team’s concerns, grievances and issues. Moreover, they take action to address their needs.

Most business leaders hold impersonal meetings to talk to their teams. Motivational leaders take the time out of their busy schedules to communicate with each client personally.

Establish trust

What good is a leader if he or she can’t be trusted by their team? A leader won’t get too far if their team does not trust them. No matter how accomplished you are, you only inspire others if you are honest and open with them.

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